You will stop at the ACC front gate to sign the waiver and get a wristband.  Drive into the facility, find a parking spot, then head to the Tech Barn for your registration packet (schedule, name tag, car number, etc.).  Affix your numbers, clean out your car and come to the safety talk. 

With four run groups planned for, each day’s schedule generally will be 1. workshop time; 2. get you and your car ready for the track; 3. The Track Session; 4. performance debrief by your instructor and rest.  You will alternate through these 4 activities all day.  There will be a noontime break for track personnel to eat their lunch, and during this time any registered driver may drive the track at a “touring” speed to practice the line and drive friends around to show what they have been doing all morning.  Fit your lunch into one of your down times.