It  is never too early to think about honing your car control skills or teaching that new family driver how respond to those potentially dangerous situations we all encounter on the roads.  Please get yourselves safely through this winter, then come to Boomers Stadium in June for the Chapter’s 24th Car Control Clinic.  Practice braking, skidding (& skid recovery) and accident avoidance maneuvers in a wide open parking lot.  An hour of classroom and written handouts set the foundation.  You’ll have your own knowledgeable in-car coach riding along to further explain the techniques and critique your performance.  You’ll drive at your own pace, undoubtedly picking up the momentum during the day.  You will learn that looking far ahead, where you’ll next want the car to be, combined with smooth inputs will be the way to go.  You will also learn how abrupt you can be with your inputs and still control the car - “Nice, and I didn’t hurt it!”

 Our CCC is the grand daddy of the Street Survival program AND we open our event up to teens of all ages; you know, twentyteens, thirtyteens, fiftyteens.  Any kind of teens who wish to become safer drivers.  Got a driver’s license or even just a learner’s permit?  You qualify!  Attendance will be limited to the first 40 CCA members to register – don’t be left out.  Check the upcoming Breeze for the event application.  We’ll see you in the (much warmer) late Spring.  Look for the application in the upcoming Breeze.

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