Each drivers run group will be scheduled for four track sessions per day, to provide approximately two hours of seat time.

This can be a learning event, so in-car instructors will be available for all drivers. At the end of the event, instructors will provide a written evaluation of the drivers’s progress, drivers please provide a written evaluation of the instructor and of the overall event itself. The chapter organizers read all the evaluations and use this feedback to enhance the quality of future HPDEs.

To maximize track time for all, the next run group will blend onto the track as the previous one ends.

Instructors will have scheduled sessions each day, with the chance to drive with the experienced run group, too.

Be sure to get your car technical inspection no earlier than 4 weeks prior to the event, to evaluate the track worthiness of your car. Any defects found during your inspection need to be corrected before you put your car on the track. No refunds for missed track time.

We welcome virtually all makes and models – American, European, Asian… We do have some limitations on convertibles and tall, tippy things, so if you have something like that, please check with us before registering for the event.